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SKU 59008250

Lotus compact active standup aid

The Lotus compact is an active stand-up aid, for people who are still able to stand independently and have sufficient trunk stability, but can no longer walk or find it hard to do so. Once the client has sat down on the Lotus, the carer can safely and efficiently move him or her.

  • Maximum load 200 kg / 440 lbs.
  • Frame width 66 cm narrow position, 96 cm with base spread out.
  • Depth 100 cm.
  • Comfortable lower leg support.
  • Rotating seat parts.
  • Mechanical base spreading.
  • Variable grips.
  • Ideal sitting angle.
  • Hand grip for easy manoeuvring.
  • Swivel bearings.
  • Solid footplate.
  • Two plastic castors, fitted with brakes

The Lotus is intended for short transfers, for example from bed to toilet. As the client sits down in an active sitting position, less strength is required to get back into a standing position. Both client and carer will find this aid very comfortable to use. The Lotus has swing-away seat pads, flexible lower-leg supports and spreading legs. The spreading legs ensure that the Lotus can be moved close to the client, who can then actively sit down on it. The Lotus encourages the client to participate actively in transfers. This participation trains the muscles and so improves independence.

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